About us

What is J-TRANS?

We support you for purchasing goods/items that are sold in Japan, but not in your country.

You know where to purchase the goods, but the store doesn’t ship internationally?

Our “Transfer Service” could solve your problem.


You are not used to purchasing goods from stores in japan?

There are many difficulties purchasing goods from online stores in Japan, especially if you

do not understand Japanese (They often do not have an English page).

Our “Shopping Service” could solve your problem.



Why are we doing this?

We are pleased that people from around the world have interests in Japanese cultures, and

Japan-made goods.

But we know that it is not easy to reach them from outside Japan.

The reason why we do this is is because we want everyone to know more about Japan.

We want to create an environment where everyone could easily access to Japanese cultures,

and Japan made goods through us.


Our Service



You shop, We ship!

If you are willing to do shopping, however the store doesn’t accept international shipping,

this is when our Transfer Service is helpful.


How it works:

  1. Sign up
  2. After registration, we will provide you a personal address (address in Japan)*
  3. Purchase anything you want using your personal address.
  4. Once we received your packages at your personal address, we will ship it to your home.


*Please be aware that, additional fees may be charged for using “cash on delivery” option when purchasing, or whenever additional costs occurred (such as delivery fees inside Japan).